Passion For Fashion2Two of us handle all the day to day business. Fashion is our passion.

Kathleen’s career started as a toy industry sales rep selling Lego. Fast forward 25 years of selling Crayola & Liz Claiborne brand name consumer goods to major retailers, to opening a retail store that operates by consignment.

Our occasional shop dog is a pure breed miniature schnauzer named Ozzy von Schnauzer. Sorry, Ozzy is not for sale!

Consigning Women realized very early on that most people think the word “consignment” means used. It has nothing to do with the condition of item it’s a way of doing business.

We only consign independent boutique clothing. We DO NOT sell local retail chain clothing. Nor are we interested in ‘fast fashion’. Our consigners are independent boutiques and the general public. We have consigned thousands of amazing fashion items.

Known to be extremely picky we have turned away hundreds of items. We look for fashion items that have a WOW factor. You can get a feel for what we like by looking at some of our Pinterest boards. Pictures are worth a thousand words!

We are luxury enthusiasts and we can generally spot a fake/knockoff. If it’s not genuine we won’t sell it because Consigning Women does not support the counterfeit business.

Looking to sell your luxury items? Consider Consigning Women. We have the tools to sell your goods and a customer wish list program that continues to grow.

Consigning Women is becoming a favourite fashion destination in the Niagara region and beyond. Our customers range in age from teens to 80’s. They include doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, professors, artists,  flight attendants, students, real estate agents, business owners, and ladies who just love fashion.

We could have an entire store filled with wedding attire and no customers. We don’t consign any wedding attire. Let’s leave that to the wedding specialists.

We are also not interested in consigning fur coats. Please take them to an authorized fur specialist to sell.

We are always in the need of sizes 12 to 18. The average woman today is a size 14 and there is not enough plus-size clothing (typically size 14 & up) in the marketplace. That said, one of the fastest growing markets for baby boomers as well as today’s youth is plus size women’s designer clothing.

Consigning Women loves social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Each one is unique in content however, the common thread is fashion.

We ship globally to customers through our on-line store as well as Facebook & Twitter.

Consigning Women gives back to the community with clothing donations and cash proceeds from our Community Care rack.

If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty.