little black dressSince Coco Chanel introduced it in 1926, the little black dress has become the epitome of timeless fashion.  Black can be worn at any time, you can wear it at any age and you may wear it on almost any occasion. The little black dress is a wardrobe essential that never goes wrong. Whether you are going to a dance, a cocktail party, a reunion or any other social get-together, the little black dress will suit the occasion. It can make you look taller and thinner. It knows no social, style or size boundaries. Whether it costs $500 or $50, is a size 2 or a size 22, it is still a little black dress.  Everyone wants to own at least one perfect little black dress.

This is one outfit that should be chosen carefully. If you want your black dress to carry you from season to season, then avoid buying high-fashion styles that will date quicker.  Too much black for your liking, then black can be made less black with a touch of white or cream in the dress, often at the collar.

Through the years, the little black dress has undergone hemline, shoulder, strap and fabric variations and this season is no different. The little black dress continues to work its charms on women from 16 to 60. No other wardrobe item is as chic & versatile, or as timeless.

Always in style: a knee length (right above, at or below) sleeveless sheath.
Keep legs bare or in very sheer hose for the dressiest looks.
Feel free to embellish the look with sparkly earrings, a bold bracelet, bag and cover-up because the simple black dress carries accessories well.
For women with a more challenging body type, the little black dress should be unstructured and of a fabric that does not drape or contain lycra. The dress shape should be accented with individualized tailoring details, according to each woman’s body shape.

Sweet and demure or bold and brash, no matter what your style is there’s a little black dress that speaks to you. Why pay full retail when you can shop consignment!