clset full of clothesThere are definitely people out there who think that consignment stores will take your stuff no matter what! Once they have made up their mind to consign, nothing will stop them. They come into the store totally unprepared, garment bags slung over their shoulders or their stuff in garbage bags, boxes, laundry baskets or whatever they had available at home. Rarely on hangers, too old, not in season, wrinkled, unclean… yuk, yuk, yuk.

I often wonder why on earth the general public thinks that consignment stores want the stuff that they will most likely throw out once they are told that their items are not what we are looking for. Other people’s junk is someone else’s treasures? No thank you. That’s what garage sales, flea markets & charity stores are for. As a business owner I want to be able to provide pre-owned designer and luxury merchandise that still offers a lot of value to our customers. Fashion items that are stylish, unique, and in pristine condition. The store has developed a huge following because we are filling the store with quality items that people want to buy.

Talk to us, we are the consignment experts. We know what we can sell, how much to sell it for and why a certain piece will or will not sell. We are label conscious and will only take certain labels that independent boutiques carry. Why? We don’t want to compete with the retail chains selling fashion in hundreds and hundreds of stores offering the same thing. Fast fashion chain merchandise generally does not make it to the consignment store because the quality just isn’t there. One season of wash & wear de-values the item in no time.

We have made it very easy for you to consign merchandise with us. Whether it’s in-store handouts or a business card detailing our website, the information is available for you to be a successful consignor. Our merchandise page on our website even goes as far as giving you the labels that we have currently stock.

Want to consign with us? Then take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our consignment guidelines. It will assist you in becoming a successful consignor.


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