Question Mark LadiesConsignment, resale, thrift or retail? More often than not, new customers come into the store and make the statement ‘this is not a consignment store.’ The answer we always give them is ‘Yes, everything in the store is on consignment.’ You have to wonder why they are asking this question over and over again. The store looks like any other well merchandised store filled with lots of brand new items that are consigned by independent boutiques with one difference; lower prices. We also consign clean, quality items from the general public and are selective in terms of what we take in to sell. We don’t consign retail chain merchandise, fast fashion or knockoffs.

However, it’s not just our appearance. Its customer expectations! A good portion of the general population believes that the word consignment means used. I am here to tell you that it does not. It has nothing to do with the condition of an item. It’s the way we conduct our business.

Here are the official distinctions from NARTS, The Association of Resale Professionals:

 A resale shop is the phrase most often used for stores that buy their merchandise outright from individual owners, like a vintage store. A consignment or thrift shop can also be called a resale shop, but ONLY a store that actually consigns their inventory can be called a consignment store, and ONLY a store run by a Not for Profit organization is considered a thrift.

A thrift shop is run by a Not for Profit organization to raise money to fund their charitable causes. These range from the large Salvation Army / Goodwill chains to individual school, church or hospital thrift shops. Not for Profits can obtain goods through donations or they could operate on a consignment basis—some do both.

A consignment shop accepts merchandise on a consignment basis, paying the owners of the merchandise a percentage when and if the items are sold.

Consigning Women cannot be compared to a thrift or charity store. Change your perception of who we are and enjoy what we have to offer. Amazing fashion for less, one-of-a-kind selections, a wish list program, online luxury shopping and great customer service.