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Counterfeit Equals Theft 2

Although counterfeit bags have been around for many years,  we now know the counterfeit industry rose to prominence during the six seasons of US television comedy Sex and the City. Unfortunately fashion apparel, handbags and accessories are not the only consumer...

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Counterfeit Equals Theft

It’s no secret that I love handbags. Want and need is such a fine line. I have sold designer brand handbags for a US corporation to retailers. I also had the pleasure of owning a consignment store for 10 years that had a minimum of 100 bags at any given time for sale,...

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Who Is Consigning Women?

Who is Consigning Women? Born and raised in the Niagara region, I left the area for Toronto to pursue a career in sales. What followed was a 25-year sales career with Lego, Crayola and Liz Claiborne consumer brand products. Toronto was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure but it was time to move on.

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Consignment, Resale, Thrift or Retail?

Consignment, resale, thrift or retail? Can you tell the difference? Most likely not! Today’s brick & mortar stores and online shops look very much like mainstream retailers. So how can you tell the difference? It all comes down lower prices, designer brands and quality.

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Motorcycle Bags by Balenciaga

The Balenciaga leather motorcycle bag is made to last. Like a favorite leather jacket worn season after season, the bag is meant to take a beating, and look fantastic well used. The longevity of the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, in all its incarnations, is astounding. The design debuted in 2001 and was then known as the Balenciaga Le Dix.

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Consigning Women

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