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All About The Fashion Label

We are all about the fashion label. No, we are not snobs. We are just using the almighty label to guide us through the masses of clothing that come our way. We do not sell fast fashion, private label, most outlet or retail chain merchandise. For Consigning Women, the clothing, handbag, accessory or jewelry label is a telling piece of information whether it’s a high-end label, designer or luxury label.

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So… You Want to Consign Your Stuff

There are definitely people out there who think that consignment stores will take your stuff no matter what! Once they have made up their mind to consign, nothing will stop them. They come into the store totally unprepared, with garment bags slung over their shoulders or their stuff in

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2014 – A Year in Consignment

What a year it’s been! There’s always something going on whether it’s in the store or on social media. For the most part it’s all good, however, from time to time we are faced with some pretty interesting situations that leave us in a state of disbelief. We have seen weather phenomena,

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The Plus-Size Dilemma

Having worked in the fashion industry as an account manager on the manufacturing side, it was a known fact that there were retail opportunities for plus-size clothing. Although a few retail stores dabbled in plus-size clothing, it was not a category that was going to.

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Premium Designer Jeans

The store has a terrific selection of brand new and gently-used premium designer jeans in various washes, styles, colours and sizes. Up to 75% off original retail prices. Why pay full retail when you have so many choices?

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Consignment, Resale, Thrift or Retail?

More often than not, new customers come into the store and make the statement ‘this is not a consignment store.’ The answer we always give them is ‘Yes, everything in the store is on consignment.’ You have to wonder why they are asking this question over and over again.

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Luxury Online Shopping

Back in 2009 my idea was to open a ladies fashion boutique that operates by consignment and I knew that having a website was an important component of retail today. But I never expected to become a product specialist, a writer, a photographer and a social media expert!

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